World Champions

Since 1994 the Speedway Grand Prix series determines the champion.

Year Champion Nationality
1936 Lionel Van Praag Australia
1937 Jack Milne United States
1938 Bluey Wilkinson Australia
1949 Tommy Price Great Britain
1950 Freddie Williams Great Britain
1951 Jack Young Australia
1952 Jack Young Australia
1953 Freddie Williams Great Britain
1954 Ronnie Moore New Zealand
1955 Peter Craven Great Britain
1956 Ove Fundin Sweden
1957 Barry Briggs New Zealand
1958 Barry Briggs New Zealand
1959 Ronnie Moore New Zealand
1960 Ove Fundin Sweden
1961 Ove Fundin Sweden
1962 Peter Craven Great Britain
1963 Ove Fundin Sweden
1964 Barry Briggs New Zealand
1965 Bjorn Knutsson Sweden
1966 Barry Briggs New Zealand
1967 Ove Fundin Sweden
1968 Ivan Mauger New Zealand
1969 Ivan Mauger New Zealand
1970 Ivan Mauger New Zealand
1971 Ole Olsen Denmark
1972 Ivan Mauger New Zealand
1973 Jerzy Szczakiel Poland
1974 Anders Michanek Sweden
1975 Ole Olsen Denmark
1976 Peter Collins Great Britain
1977 Ivan Mauger New Zealand
1978 Ole Olsen Denmark
1979 Ivan Mauger New Zealand
1980 Michael Lee Great Britain
1981 Bruce Penhall United States
1982 Bruce Penhall United States
1983 Egon Muller Germany
1984 Erik Gundersen Denmark
1985 Erik Gundersen Denmark
1986 Hans Nielsen Denmark
1987 Hans Nielsen Denmark
1988 Erik Gundersen Denmark
1989 Hans Nielsen Denmark
1990 Per Jonsson Sweden
1991 Jan O Pedersen Denmark
1992 Gary Havelock Great Britain
1993 Sam Ermolenko United States
1994 Tony Rickardsson Sweden
1995 Hans Nielsen Denmark
1996 Billy Hamill United States
1997 Greg Hancock United States
1998 Tony Rickardsson Sweden
1999 Tony Rickardsson Sweden
2000 Mark Loram Great Britain
2001 Tony Rickardsson Sweden
2002 Tony Rickardsson Sweden
2003 Nicki Pedersen Denmark
2004 Jason Crump Australia
2005 Tony Rickardsson Sweden
2006 Jason Crump Australia
2007 Nicki Pedersen Denmark
2008 Nicki Pedersen Denmark
2009 Jason Crump Australia
2010 Tomasz Gollub Poland
2011 Greg Hancock United States


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