Year Champion State
1979 Egon Muller Germany
1980 Georg Gilgenreiner Germany
1981 Egon Muller Germany
1982 Josef Aigner Germany
1983 Egon Muller Germany
1984 Egon Muller Germany
1985 Egon Muller Germany
1986 Gerd Riss Germany
1987 Tomy Dunker Germany
1988 Klaus Lausch Germany
1989 Klaus Lausch Germany
1990 Klaus Lausch Germany
1991 Zoltan Adorjan Hungary
1992 Gerd Riss Germany
1993 Marvyn Cox Great Britain
1994 Gerd Riss Germany
1995 Marvyn Cox Great Britain
1996 Gerd Riss Germany
1997 Todd Wiltshire Australia
1998 Todd Wiltshire Australia
1999 Mirko Wolter Germany
2000 Robert Barth Germany
2001 Robert Barth Germany
2002 Mirko Wolter Germany
2003 Mathias Schultz Germany
2004 Mirko Wolter Germany
2005 Matze Schultz Germany
2006 Christian Hefenbrock Germany
2007 Martin Smolinski Germany
2008 Kevin Wolbert Germany
2009 Martin Smolinski Germany
2010 Martin Smolinski Germany
2011 Kevin Wolbert Germany
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