Year Champion Nationality
1963 Miroslav Rybansky Slovakia
1964 Miroslav Rybansky Slovakia
1965 Ivan Dedina Slovakia
1966 Ivan Dedina Slovakia
1969 Ivan Dedina Slovakia
1970 Ludovit Bartfay Slovakia
1971 Jozef Toth Slovakia
1972 Jozef Toth Slovakia
1973 Jan Danihel Slovakia
1976 Jan Daniel Slovakia
1977 Jan Daniel Slovakia
1978 Zdeno Vaculik Slovakia
1979 Zdeno Vaculik Slovakia
1980 Jaroslav Danko Slovakia
1981 Dusan Moravek Slovakia
1982 Lubomir Jedek Slovakia
1983 Zdeno Vaculik Slovakia
1984 Pavol Tonhauzer Slovakia
1985 Dusan Moravek Slovakia
1986 Dusan Moravek Slovakia
1987 Pavol Tonhauzer Slovakia
1988 Zdeno Vaculik Slovakia
2009 Tomas Suchanek Czech Republic
2010 not held – weather
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