The Croatia and Slovenia Championships are usually held as a combined series. Each Country crowns their own champion and sometimes an overall title is awarded as well. Some years  Austria,  Hungary or both are also included in the joint series. At least recently.

I have little info on the era when they were a part of Yugoslavia but will add it if I find a source.

Slovenian Champions

Year Champion Nationality
1992 Gregor Pintar Slovenia
1993 Kreso Omerzel Slovenia
1994 Gerhard Lekse Slovenia
1995 Gregor Pintar Slovenia
1996 Gregor Pintar Slovenia
1997 Matej Ferjan Slovenia
1998 Matej Ferjan Slovenia
1999 Matej Ferjan Slovenia
2000 Matej Ferjan Slovenia
2001 Matej Ferjan Slovenia
2002 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2003 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2004 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2005 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2006 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2007 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2008 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2009 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2010 Matej Zagar Slovenia
2011 Matej Zagar Slovenia
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