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This web page is  the gateway to a permanent archive of Individual Speedway race results. Most of the updates will be at the Box account where the files are actually archived. The Lists of Champions pages are hosted here on the WordPress site. They are updated with new lists and additions to the existing ones as time permits.

Most files on the SoloSpeedwayStats Box account are web pages I uploaded from the old MotoSpeedway site and new ones that I add as time permits. Starting with  2011 I am loading the files as Microsoft Excel xls files instead of converting them to web pages. This has a twofold benefit, less work and greatly reduced file sizes.

Box is not a web host and therefore does not act like a website. Instead it functions as a file storage site with folders for navigation.  The link below takes you to Box where you will find a folder for each year. Sub folders lead to all the results for that season.

Box has a  “Preview” feature that can give you an idea of whats there before downloading to view in your browser.

To get started just click on the main folder link:  www.box.net/solospeedwaystats

Or click on the direct link for each year:

  • (2004)  Complete
  • (2005)  Complete
  • (2006)  Complete
  • (2007)  Complete
  • (2008)  Complete except for a few revisions to cut the number of pages.
  • (2009)  Complete
  • (2010)  Complete
  • (2011)  Complete

Last Update

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As you can tell I have neglected this site for a long time. It started with a lack of time and eventually I lost interest.
I’m posting now to confirm there will be no more updates. All of a sudden I’m old and suffering from cancer. I am leaving it as is for as long as WordPress keeps it active.

2004 Updates

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Today I finished uploading the 2004 files to the Box site.

Just click on this link  2004.

2004 Updates

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Storage of 2004 folders on the Box site is proceeding quickly.  Recently added files include the World Titles, a comprehensive Long Track section and the European Titles including full details of the

2004 MACEC cup

The Down Under and Eastern Europe folders are also updated but are a work in progress. Folders for North America, Poland, Scandinavia, Western Europe and Central Europe will be added as the score cards become ready.

Stay tuned for more updates over the spring and summer.

Speedway 2011 is Under Way

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With the season Down Under in full swing it’s time to start posting 2011.

Today I added a link to the 2011 folder at Box and uploaded files for Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. More updates will follow as time permits.

New Feature

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“Individual Speedway Stats” is in the process of adding several pages featuring lists of Champions from World, European, and National Titles. These pages will all be hosted here so there is no need to go to Box.net.

They are only a list of the various Champions and if you are interested in more details (at least for recent seasons) then you can click http://box.net/solospeedwaystats for the box.net files.